The Little Black Book Of Flooring Secrets

bamboo flooring secrets

The secrets that you will learn include…

  1. Why you should NEVER leave your flooring decisions to a man
  2. Tactics used by “dodgy” flooring companies and how to spot them a mile away
  3. The 6 most regrettable mistakes that women make when choosing a floor
  4. Choose this flooring and you and your family are in for heartache
  5. The 4 greatest myths about eco-friendly timber flooring
  6. The single method used by great real estate agents that can easily add 10% to your sale price
  7. The misinformation that can easily lead you to make terrible flooring choices
  8. Why “Made in Australia” is the worst choice for timber flooring
  9. The 5 crucial signs that your discounted flooring will cause you long-term pain
  10. The lessons learned from Victoria’s recent flash floods so that you can avoid disaster
  11. The 3 major risks of using recycled timber
  12. Why flooring disputes are the No. 1 problem in the construction industry


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Will it dent? Latest Video

Did you know that bamboo flooring is tougher than hardwood? The question is how will it survive the hammer and nails test? Tell us what the next challenge for our bamboo products should be

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