Oak and Bamboo Flooring: FAQ

Over the 25 years we have been in business we have been asked every question imaginable about flooring. The following is a list of the more common questions answered.

Product questions

What is strand woven bamboo?

Strand woven bamboo floors are woven together and are therefore much harder than vertical or horizontal planks made from pieces laminated to the backing. Strand woven bamboo is one and a half times harder than red oak.

Strand Woven Bamboo

All our strand woven bamboo flooring is manufactured using only 6 year old mature bamboo clumps from remote mountains in South China. Due to a lengthy annual freeze, this unique growing climate produces the strongest bamboo and most durable floors in the world.

What is a floating floor?

A floating floor is when the flooring is installed over a layer of underlay, but the planks are not actually glued to the sub-floor.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate is made up of compressed fibre board with a wood, stone or other image printed on it.

What is solid wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring is made entirely from real wood; unlike laminate flooring, which is made to look like wood, stone or some other design.

How do bamboo floors compare with other hardwood floors?

Astoria bamboo flooring is an affordable, attractive, eco-friendly, and durable alternative to traditional hardwood flooring. Horizontal and vertical bamboo flooring is harder then the most popular hardwood – Oak. Strand woven bamboo flooring is harder then the most expensive hardwood – Brazilian Walnut. Also, bamboo flooring is less expensive and more stable than hardwood. This means it will not expand and contract due to temperature change or humidity, as much as solid timber flooring.

Is your bamboo flooring as durable as other hardwood flooring?

All our bamboo flooring is manufactured using only 6 year old mature bamboo clumps from remote mountains in South China. Due to a lengthy annual freeze, this unique growing climate produces the strongest bamboo and most durable floors in the world.

How are bamboo floors manufactured?

Astoria Bamboo Flooring is an engineered product that utilises state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Strand woven boards are manufactured to achieve greater strength and stability. Fresh and mature bamboo clumps are split and flattened lengthwise into strips of equal dimensions. These are processed and kiln-dried, before being pressed against each other and glued under extreme high pressure to form boards (raw planks).

The raw planks are milled to form tongue and groove on the edges. These are then surface coated, packed and shipped.

strand woven bamboo

What is bamboo flooring?

It is a design alternative to solid wood. A 100% natural product, bamboo is the fastest growing grass plant in the world; more hardwearing than solid wood, low on maintenance and environmentally kind.

Colour questions

Will my bamboo floor change colour over time?

Yes. Bamboo can change colour over time like all timber floors, due to exposure to natural light. Darker colours of bamboo boards can become slightly lighter, while the natural tones can mature to a darker honey colour.

Quality questions

How do you ensure consistent quality?

We are known for our stringent quality control measures. All materials in each production process are strictly monitored by dedicated personnel before and after processing. Latest technology and modern machinery is used for all processes. All bamboo flooring is carefully inspected before packing.

Do you have a warranty on your bamboo floors?

Yes. We offer 20 years structural warranty for all our bamboo floors.

Environmental questions

Why is bamboo flooring “eco-friendly”?

The Bamwood bamboo utilised is actually a quick-growing grass species. Harvested from government authorised locations in South China, the bamboo plant takes only 5-6 years to reach maturity. Because it is a harvested grass that continually regenerates, bamboo is considered a renewable and sustainable resource. ASTORIA BAMBOO FLOORING is an environmentally-responsible alternative to traditional hardwoods.

Installation questions

Why do I need to use underlay?

You must use underlay to even out any irregularities in the sub-floor.  Also, you must install underlay for any warranty to be valid, should a problem occur.

Is it possible to install a floating hardwood floor over concrete?

Yes. Hardwood floor is ideal for this kind of application; however, you do require an underlay over your concrete floor.

Can I have laminate/wooden/engineered flooring on my stairs?

Yes, but it must be fitted professionally. There are special accessories to go with stair flooring to make it safe.

What is a sub-floor?

A sub-floor is the existing structural floor to which laminate, solid wood or engineered flooring will be laid. The sub-floor will be either concrete or timber.

What is a “unilin” floor?

A “unilin” floor is flooring where the planks are designed to snap together. No glue is required.

How long will it take to install my bamboo floor?

Every job is different and takes different amounts of time. Installation time will depend on the size of the floor to be covered and the difficulty of the layout. As a general rule though,  it takes one-third of the time it would take to lay a solid timber floor.

Are bamboo boards pre-finished and ready to install?

Yes. Our bamboo flooring is pre-finished in the factory with a 7 UV cured German Treffert aluminum oxide finish, which is highly resistant to scratches and abrasions.

Maintenance questions

How should I maintain my bamboo floor?

Bamboo floor maintenance is just like that for any other traditional hardwood flooring:

  • After installation clean with a no-wax, non-alkaline cleaner. Do not allow the cleaner or any other liquid to pool or remain on the surface, as this may damage the bamboo. Never clean or “wet mop” with water or any other product mixed with water, as this may dull the finish or damage floor.
  • Quickly remove spills.
  • Regularly vacuum and/or sweep with a soft broom. Loose dirt and sand are a bamboo floor’s worst enemy, as they can scratch or be ground into the floor’s surface.
  • Place door mats at exterior door areas.
  • Use area rugs in high-traffic sections.
  • Install protective feet on all furniture legs.
  • Remove shoes (especially high-heeled shoes) prior to walking on bamboo flooring.

Is it possible to re-sand bamboo floors?

Yes. All our floors can be professionally sanded several times. Since the bamboo floors vary in density, the number of times that you would be able to re-sand them differs.  Our experience demonstrates that, depending on the density of the floors, you should expect to re-sand bamboo floors a minimum of 3 times.

Questions about Astoria Floors

Why should I choose Astoria bamboo flooring?

We sell “direct” to the end-user. Our premium quality pre-finished product arrives to your job site directly from the factory in China, the recognised worldwide leader in bamboo flooring. We avoid costly intermediaries,  such as wholesalers and distributors, and pass on the savings to our customers. This benefits the environment as there is less transportation and warehousing involved. Our mission is to help preserve the environment by encouraging eco-friendly harvesting, processing, and finishing practices that are waste-free. Our product is superior to the lesser grades of bamboo flooring commonly advertised at low prices. We offer the highest quality flooring that has been tested as being one of the hardest on the market – for buyers who want the best product and maximum value.

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