The bamboo flooring Melbourne residents prefer

Astoria Floors has over 35 years of experience providing bamboo flooring solutions to Melbourne businesses and homes. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality bamboo floors at surprisingly cheap prices, to give you the best possible benefits without the expensive price tag.

Bamboo is a type of grass which boasts similar characteristics to hardwood, although it is significantly denser and stronger. It also grows significantly faster than timber, regenerating within 5 years compared to up to 60, thereby presenting an environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood flooring.

At Astoria Floors, we use Moso and Barnwood bamboo floorboards, which are particularly hardy and durable, as well as being aesthetically appealing. To create such high quality flooring, bamboo poles are cut, carbonised, steamed and compressed under extreme pressure. The result is a beautiful finish of strand woven bamboo flooring that will stand the test of time and changing trends.

Why choose bamboo over timber?

There are many reasons why buying bamboo floors from Melbourne’s top floor specialist, Astoria is your best bet. Our products are:

  • Extremely durable (70% harder than brushwood)
  • Sustainable
  • Aesthetically warm and attractive
  • Perfectly suited to Australian conditions and will not warp, crack, or split
  • Pre-coated with the highest quality German UV coatings
  • Quick to install with no mess or odour

When you need expert strand woven bamboo flooring installation, choose Astoria Floors. Our trained installers will take into account all aspects prior to mounting, including sanding and filling the floor to create an even, flat surface. The end result will be a high quality bamboo flooring installation that you will love to show off to your guests.

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Janka hardness rating = 14 kN (compared to Tasmanian oak = 5.5kN)


  • Chestnut
  • Mocha
  • Honey
  • Jarrah

Product specifications

  • Strand woven bamboo
  • Size
    • 130mm x 14mm x 1830mm
  • Unilin or 4g
  • Janka hardness rating = 14 kN
  • Moisture less than 10%
  • Slip-resistant in accordance with Australian and New Zealand standards (AS/NZS 4586)

Bamboo Floors Melbourne

Bamboo floor can be used on stairs

Bamboo Floors Melbourne
Bamboo Flooring Melbourne

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I’ve been working in the industry for over 25 years. I’m particularly passionate about the features and benefits of bamboo and oak flooring.

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