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Andre RoslaniecHi, I’m Andre Roslaniec…

I’ve been working in the flooring industry for over 25 years. I’m passionate about helping my friends learn about flooring in Melbourne and the wide range of different flooring options that are now available.

I work here in Cheltenham, in South-East Melbourne in my family-owned and operated business – Astoria Floors. One of the many things that I love about my job is that I work along-side some real craftspeople with some never having received a complaint in over 20 years of installing!

I travel overseas regularly to find-out about the latest flooring products, trends and ideas and like to test some that look suitable for Australian conditions. I also keep an eye on new product manufacturers and supplies and look at the standard and quality of their products.

I’ve been fortunate in building some strong relationships with very high quality suppliers who are often part owned by Australian companies. This helps me to keep a close check on quality procedures and standards of their flooring products. I’ve found that once you find a high-quality flooring manufacturer or supplier you stick with them as they are few and far between.

We currently sell a large amount of pre-finished bamboo and oak flooring which has really taken-off over the past decade or so. They not only look beautiful but are tough and can normally handle anything a large family can throw at them.

Please join me on an adventure as we discover new products and ways of installing them along with overseas trends and developments in the flooring industry. My overall goal is to help you make well-informed and intelligent flooring decisions, so that your new home or business floor is a joy every time you walk on it.

Welcome to Astoria Floors

Andre Roslaniec

I’ve been working in the industry for over 25 years. I’m particularly passionate about the features and benefits of bamboo and oak flooring.

Call me today to discuss all your flooring needs on 1300 724 777.

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“Many thanks for a very professional, tidy, well-finished job. Your workmanship and courtesy was excellent. Your staff were cooperatively working with various restrictions and timeframes to produce an excellent final result. Thank you.”

— Louise Kinder, Executive Officer, Office of the Governor, Government House